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The rules have changed in recent years. Although not the only region to invite customers to invest early in wines at a supposedly lower price than they will later command, it was Bordeaux that made en primeur a major element of its marketing. As demand from Chinese buyers for the top Bordeaux wines went through the roof in the early years of this century, so did the en primeur prices. Customers who had bought with the idea of possibly turning a profit on at least some of the bottles found themselves holding cases worth less on the open market than they had paid for in advance.

The market has since adjusted, and provided you are buying high quality well known wines wisely through a reputable wine merchant, Bordeaux en primeur now looks once again like a reasonably attractive idea. But that period of inflation disillusioned some wine lovers, many of whom turned instead to Burgundy. Burgundy en primeur has generally been less about price than about obtaining an allocation year after year as a preferred regular customer.

Burgundy En Primeur: Are wine investments a good idea?

During these times of strangled supply, if you want to obtain some of the better wines, en primeur is almost the only way. Chateau Palmer leads the charge with new bio-dynamic wine approach. The author has tried to adopt a user-friendly and step-by-step approach to introduce wine investment in En Primeur. The book has only two major chapters with some appendices to provide resourceful information to readers. The first chapter is about brief History of Wine. Chapter two is the key chapter which explains the pros and cons of wine investment.

The author highlights the importance to concentrate on those high quality and rare fine wines in the key chateaus such as Lafite, Latour, Petrus, Margaux, Cheval Blanc, Mouton Rothschild, Lafleur and a few other Bordeaux based chateaus. The appendices at the end of the book provide very comprehensive lists of Red Bordeau producers, merchants all over the world and a brief introduction of the wines from the major areas in Bordeau. The author concludes the book by introducing the Asset Allocation principle to build a financially secure portfolio for different age group and financial situation.

As a professional guide, the book may not include all the information at sufficient depth that an En Primeur investor needs to grasp in order to enhance returns on their wine investment portfolio.

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However, the book provides certain key points for anyone who wishes to start their wine investment plan in the wine futures or just to learn what is wine investment about. More than half this book is just advertising for the author's other products. Most of the rest of the book consists of some peculiar asset allocation theory if you can even call it that which has nothing to do with wine investing. There is a section with a bit of wine history and geography of Bordeaux.

The section that actually deals with wine investing is small and fairly uninformative, definitely not worth the price of the book.

Investing in Wine Futures -- "Winevesting"

The tidbit of tax information given is irrelevant for U. Spend your money elsewhere! I don't normally write reviews of books on Amazon, but felt I have to in this case. I just don't want people to be gauged by this guy. I have to give one star apparently because you cannot give zero. Wine investing is a hobby and a passion for me; I've been doing it for twenty years.

Make informed decisions with the FT.

It is a topic that is not covered well, especially in the US where wine investing is a controversial subject. This book sells the author's other investment ideas and clearly is a cookie cutter wine investment guide. He knows nothing about wine and the number of pages in this slim volume actually devoted to wine investing are about In these ten pages he covers topics that you can find covered in much more depth and better analysis if you put 'wine investor' into Google.

Like the title says - please don't buy this book. One person found this helpful.

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Hadn't really heard of wine investing before but as I have read and benefited from some of this authors books, I thought let me try. I got hold of bbr's notes and invested in Ch.

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With the clamour for good vintages, prices of En Primeur wines can increase rapidly, sometimes even double within a matter of weeks. It is a way to secure wines that are difficult to obtain and highly sought after once physical. Buying En Primeur does not necessarily mean that prices will increase but if you get involved with the right wines it offers great value and should be considered as part of a diverse wine portfolio. The profit margins can be high therefore when purchasing En Primeur there will be several opportunties even before the wine is bottled to take adavantages of price increases and take profit.

If you are interested in receiving more information about investing in En Primeur or learning more about the process, please fill in our Bordeaux En Primeur contact form below. Key Benefits of En Primeur Lowest price — EP typically offers the chance for collectors to get involved at the lowest market offer price. Why invest in En Primeur? How Does It Work?