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And then, little happens, in the end: I know that the details are fundamental because we must understand the importance of dreams, but the result is poor, thinking about the actual plot, which could be done in three rows of A4 paper. For such a long book, this is sad. I would still read the second book, just to see Howell it ends. He dreamed of deserts and great empty cities and imagined he could feel the minutes and hours of his life running through him, as though he were nothing but an hourglass of flesh and bone.

You lay laughter over the dark parts. The more dark parts, the more you have to laugh. With defiance, with abandon, with hysteria, any way you can. His nose was broken by a falling volume of fairy tales his first day on the job, and that, they said, told you everything you needed to know about strange Lazlo. The books may be immortal, but we are not. Now he has books. His books were his nooks, you understand: He was a librarian, and a dreamer. He was a reader.

Non mi ha entusiasmata, invece, la descrizione del mondo creato: E poi, poco succede, alla fin fine: Vorrei comunque leggere il secondo, giusto per vedere come finisce il tutto. Ripeto, gli ultimi capitoli sono stati meravigliosi, vorrei sapere ora cosa succede nella Cittadella e a Weep.

La caduta dei tre regni La caduta dei tre regni, 1. I protagonisti sono stereotipat Delusione. Questo libro sembra un grande prologo a quello che potrebbe essere una saga accettabile. Sono le scelte che facciamo ogni giorno a definirci, a fare di noi Alfieri della luce o schiavi delle tenebre. Ho aspettato per niente una battaglia bene-male, ma non si capisce chi sia cosa. Non so voi, ma io mollo in partenza. Aspetto con ansia il terzo volume. Weave a Circle Round. The plot is a mess. But so it must be, because this book shows what it means to have imagination and verbal power.

This novel is a hymn to the imagina The plot is a mess. This novel is a hymn to the imagination. Things happen and change the story's scenarios, suddenly. Freddy, Mel and Roland find themselves catapulted in an abnormal situation after meeting their new neighbors, Cuerva Lachance and Joshia.

Robin Hobb e i suoi Sei Ducati ( Autori che amo )

Freddy, our protagonist, finds herself embroiled in time travels, caused by a portal created by Cuerva, a magical and "impossible" woman. There is Joshia with her, a boy who seems to be the very image of rationality. The story goes on, jumping from one historical period to the next. The writing style reflects the plot. The narrator moves from one moment to the next, with no half measures: Readers undergo this prospect environment along with the protagonists and, like them, they do not see them coming in.

This is what hit me most of the author's writing style. We enter the story slowly, but then we stay there plumed like bugs in honey. The third person narration allows us to see everything from a window, while, at the same time, we know the thoughts of the characters, especially those of Freddy.

We find things together with her and we ask ourselves the same questions. The end is spectacular. It changes the cards on table and upsets the rhythm of the tale, which becomes adventurous. It's a fabulous climax. Kari Maaren knows the power of stories, and she shows it us at the end of the book: You can also see it as a life lesson: Grow up and not be afraid to change, be yourself and ignore other people thoughts, because the world goes on without waiting for you.

Enjoy yourself if you like yourself or have the strength to change, because time passes and you cannot live with regrets. So take things as they come and change them in the best. It's what Freddy does, turning from an insecure little girl to a strong, determined, grown-up girl.

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Becoming old does not mean losing the power of imagination, indeed. The last chapters show us the importance of creating stories in our minds. This book is for those who love narratives, myths and fairy tales. The greedy readers of these things will find bread for their teeth. Kari Maaden is great at mixing literary and not influences in everyday situations: It is a well-planted book in our reality, but it has a tremendous potential in its dissociation.

The characters are strange: Her way of being is somewhat mirrored by the narrative of the time traveling part. Her thoughts drift from side to side, as Freddy and Joshia go from one era to another. Joshia is her opposite: Freddy is a simple one, she doesn't want to be the focus of attention, and her thoughts often mirror my own. She looks at reality, she sees it, as few people do.

She also realizes too easily the world and people paradoxes. Roland loves video games, and he is fond of the sisters, although he doesn't show it often. Mel is my investigative cupcake. I love her, simply. She's young, but she has a fantastic mind.

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There would be so many things to talk about, such as Freddy's awareness of being a person in a certain place and time who does not fit. Or The idea that not everything is solvable through deduction and logic: The awareness that there's no way to change the history. Kari Maadene tells the story with right narrative-times in wonderful way. She is phenomenal in the creation of an unpredictable story, which the reader could easily love.

She Plays with words and characters, giving us a magical adventure. Le notti di Salem. Ha soddisfatto appieno le mie aspettative: Quando King sfodera una "citta Ha soddisfatto appieno le mie aspettative: Quando King sfodera una "cittadina in preda a qualsiasi catastrofe" non lo ferma nessuno.

Mi ha fatto anche venire voglia di rileggere il romanzo di Stoker. An Oral History of the Apocalypse. The first hundred pages are so 2. The first hundred pages are so perfect, they are interesting and captivating. They can be hard to read. There are described facts that are painful, as children self-harm.

And then, the second pages are slow. The narrative becomes repetitive, and I, as a reader, no longer feel attracted by events. I lost interest in scientific explanations and experiments on animals and people. This is a novel based on the same idea: I really liked this fact - as hearing different testimonies. The problem was precisely this: I went on by inertia. The Bear and the Nightingale Winternight Trilogy, 1. This book is a fairy tale, told as a magical adventure of snow and fire. A granny could read this during winter, in front of the fireplace.

The beginn This book is a fairy tale, told as a magical adventure of snow and fire. The beginning is slow, like every tale.

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We meet characters and "demons". We read about theirs dreams and their nightmares. An old woman has the power of capturing attention from children with her words. She talks about old spirits, that are walking through the wood, even if there is a Church nearby. The winter is strong, the people pray God and feed the natural demons. During the freezing nights the Upyr asks to enter your home. We meet a girl, Vasya, who can see the forgotten world, she helps it as she can.

There are creatures everywhere and none can see them, but she can. Her stepmother watches them, also.

Opere di George R. R. Martin

The stepmother is a church-woman, she hates demons. Vasya must be stronger than her, demonstrating the importance of old practices to protect her world. We see her growing up, becoming forceful as the elements. She can ride horses, she can talk to them. The problem is that she's a girl, she'll be married or nun. She won't stay inside her home, with her family.

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She can't protect her magical world, attacked by the words and the beautiful appearance of a priest. The people talks about her, calling her "witch", stopping the old practices. She can't fight against this. There are other things that are working outside the house, and they are waiting for her.

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This is a story about Good and Evil forces, about battles with men and creatures, about fights between factions. The History is behind the corner, the little snow-wooden world can change everytime. Blackness has no pity, this enchanted place will change. This book can hurt unwary readers.

Opere di George R. R. Martin - Wikipedia

It is the edge of a bigger tale, an exciting adventure. As I said before, the book starts slowly, but your attention will be captured, because the writing style is intense, Magic, purely charming.

Your eyes won't let you stop reading. The story will enchant you with every single scene. Because this is a fairy tale, you are a reader and you love every kind of story. Even the dark ones. Family is an important part of this book. People are linked so strongly that their lives depend to each other. Choices are made because of these links.

I love Vanya, her little sister, her father and her brothers. In genere, i libri della serie sono pubblicati in gruppi di tre: Infine un terzo libro in cui le storie dei diversi autori vengono fuse, intrecciate strettamente in un unico racconto. Durante la sua trentennale carriera artistica, George R. Martin ha conseguito un ampio numero di premi letterari.

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